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Equality and diversity

Being the power behind the network is a responsibility that we take very seriously indeed. 

So we are focused only on working safely with passion and purpose, trusting each other and working collaboratively to get the job done. 

That means delivering on our clear commitment to empowering an inclusive workplace that offers equality of opportunity and is free from unfair and discriminatory employment practices. 

We strive to maintain a workplace that values diversity and wellbeing by accepting and respecting individual differences such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, marital status, employment status, religion or belief. 

Western Power Distribution selects, promotes and treats people only on the basis of their abilities and merits, and the needs of the job. 

We welcome applications from talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Employees can trust that they will be given equal opportunity and training, where appropriate, to demonstrate their ability and to progress within the organisation.

In July 2020, Phil Swift, CEO launched the Respect Charter with the following statement:

"At WPD it’s vital we have a culture of inclusivity, tolerance and respect for all.

I want every one of us to work in an environment that is built on trust and fairness, where we recognise the value of our differences. We are all members of the communities that WPD serves and we should therefore reflect the diversity of those communities. This is extremely important to me and I am asking for your support to ensure inclusion and respect within the workplace remain integral parts of the way we do business at WPD. I am very proud of the fantastic job each and every one of you does – this has been especially evident in the way you have rapidly adapted in order to keep the energy flowing for our customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Respect Charter demonstrates that we share a common commitment to create a work environment of professionalism at all times. This includes always fostering respect and challenging inappropriate behavior.  Aside from simply being wrong, unacceptable behaviour can have a very damaging impact and lead to problems such as stress, anxiety and erosion of self-esteem. I want everyone at WPD to know how highly they are valued, to be happy and to be able to achieve their potential."