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Meet James

Read Aidan's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

The great opportunities to progress through the company and no two jobs are the same with some jobs taking a lot of problem solving and hands on work.

My job can vary from moving someone’s incoming supply to finding and locating a mains cable fault and restoring supplies either via temporarily fitting a generator or cutting out the fault and replacing it with fresh cable.

Being able to be your own boss out on site and taking control of jobs and completing them to the best of your ability.

At WPD, everybody is very friendly and if I had any queries about any part of my job I can turn to anybody here for advice or help.

An eagerness to learn and being self-motivated.

WPD pay for me to complete a City & Guilds course in electrical engineering level 2 and level 3 with the opportunity to progress further if I wanted to. This enhances my knowledge and understanding in the electrical industry. This will allow me to progress further and higher into the company starting from and apprentice and moving onto a jointer and then possibly into higher management. Everybody here has an equal opportunity to progress up through the company if they want to work hard enough for it.

Taking full control on a mains fault and ensuring that our vulnerable customers were safe and restoring their supplies by either looping them from a street light or fitting them to a generator, then locating the fault using a Gameboy and sniffer which detects the gases given off by a faulty joint or cable and removing this fault from our system.

Trying to balance my practical work with my theory work. I overcame this by talking to my manager about how I should use my time more effectively and used to hours to complete my theory work.

I would make sure they are highly motivated and enjoyed working outdoors in all weather conditions in a team with lots of hands on practical work.