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Meet Ben

Read Ben's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.


The nature of the work interested me, being outside working in all weathers and being challenged mentally and physically. I had also heard only positive things about the company when I spoke with current WPD employees.

The role I have is very varied from day to day, it could entail making a new service connection to a property, wiring in a new electrical cut out, it could involve constructing a brand new HV line being up a pole in the middle of a field and connecting in all the conductors. Sometimes the plan of the day can change instantly because of a fault that may have arisen and you have to arrive on site to figure out what has gone on and what needs to happen to rectify the problem.

The team element really appeals to me in terms of knowing there is someone to help out and get ideas from as well as being a support to other members of the team. The other aspect is the variety of work is so diverse that there isn’t an opportunity to become complacent or uninterested with the job and it is constantly changing all the time.

Very team orientated a real comradery between the work force. People enjoy the job and know how to make it fun but as well when there is a dead line everyone pulls together to get the job done.


A desire to always learn, not being satisfied with doing just the bare minimum but trying to improve yourself and your knowledge of the job.   Being self-motivated is key and having a professional attitude to the work you are doing ensuring the work being done is as of a high standard as possible.

Finally humility is very important as there will be times where you don’t quite understand something or need some help and being able to stop and ask and get assistance is vital in terms of not only safety but also your own personal development.


The apprenticeship program I am currently going through is very well structured and has a good balance of allowing to people to work at their own individual pace but as well ensures you don’t get too far behind in any area without someone picking it up and finding ways to help you.

There is a very positive career progression path for those who are motivated to push themselves and Western Power always look to promote staff from within the company to achieve higher goals and upskill the workforce whenever is needed.


The biggest achievement I have gained so far in my relatively short time with the company was to actually be able to get onto the apprenticeship itself. There is a very thorough process of recruitment and is a highly sought after course and so to be selected for the job was a very positive feeling and shows that the company have confidence that you have the right ability and attitude to be able to achieve the demands of the job.

The biggest challenge which I have faced is being able to prioritize the work load. As an apprentice there are various different tasks and reports to be completed as well as the additional theory based courses Western power put you on. It can be very easy to become over awed by the work and feel that there is a lot to complete in the time, however learning to set basic targets in the short term has been very helpful and planning ahead helps to make the course achievable, it can be easy to only look at the amount of work that needs to be done but instead it is important to learn to focus on what you can achieve today.

I would highly recommend working for Western Power, if you have a passion to learn and a positive attitude it is a job for life.

There is a great team work ethos throughout the company and there is always more to learn about the job regardless of how long you have worked here.