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Meet Tom

Read Tom's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

Western Power Distribution offered me a chance to further my education after college in the form of the data comms apprenticeship program. Learning on the job gives me experience of how the company functions and what work I will be undertaking when I am qualified.

No day is the same as another, some days I may be working on a fault on a hilltop site whereas others I may be installing new equipment for an external customer. I have spent most of my time with the core network team which means that we install and maintain the fiber, microwave, PDH and SDH networks that Western Power Distribution use.

The best thing about working this role at WPD is the amount of trust you are given to manage your own time and handle your own jobs. Another thing is the amount of career prospects and amount of training you are given to make sure you are capable of doing something.

Everyone in WPD is very friendly, there is nobody I have met who is unapproachable and everyone looks out for one another.

I think that in Western Power Distribution you have to have a drive to get a job done properly and maintain a good standard of work throughout.

I am currently doing all relevant training the can be provided meaning I am never without base knowledge for when I am learning on a job. I am also hoping to achieve a Level 5 qualification which means I will have much more in depth knowledge and be able to further my career in the future.

One of my achievements in my time in the company would have been building and timing the Midlands SDH network on our management system.

Some of the biggest challenges I have overcome must have been having little to no base knowledge of the electricity business but I overcame this as nobody treated any of my questions as ‘silly’ or ‘stupid’. Another one would have to be learning all of the abbreviations used in telecoms as there is quite a lot.

WPD is a brilliant place to work and I would have been kicking myself if I didn’t apply and then found out what working here was like.