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Meet Sam

Read Sam's interview to see what she thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

Western Power Distribution is a very important part of the infrastructure in our community providing an essential service to our customers. I am proud to be involved within a very important company that takes its job seriously regards the potential impacts that could occur whilst distributing the power to thousands of homes and businesses within the grid.

Our role is mainly working on behalf of the supplier ensuring their equipment and is safe and nothing untoward, including our network too.  Having a strong link with the police force and arranging engineers to liaise on site with them providing a safe environment to the police and other forces and services too, enabling them to conduct their investigations without risk of injury or electrocution.

All jobs are varied, interesting, allowing the employee to achieve job satisfaction.  And opportunities to change direction and develop within the Company

Western Power Distribution is a Company that is unbiased and takes equal opportunities very seriously and fairly; providing growth and development on the merits of the individual.

People can join at various levels from school qualifications to A levels to Graduates.  No matter where you are on the career ladder, everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their goals.

Western Power Distribution has its own training centers and can be advantage as in house training focuses advantages on key skills and disciplines required to progress within the company, which colleges might not cover in such depth.

My biggest achievement yet is completing 10 Years Service within the Electricity Industry.

Starting my present job within the Company and having to learn a lot of new policies. I had a very supportive manager and work colleagues who assisted, supported and answered any question that I had.

Check out the website and view what the Company has to offer, whether it’s a craft apprenticeship, trainee engineer or management level.  There is something here for everyone who is interested in working in the electricity industry.