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Meet Tom

Read Tom's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

I started working for E.On Energy Services as a store keeper on the metering side of the business whilst studying for an ONC in Electrical Engineering in my own time. I had heard great things about what was Central Networks and my intention was to get in to this side of the business then find a more technical role once one became available. I was attracted to Central Networks for the same reasons that I’m happy within WPD, namely excellent opportunities for self-development and a great working environment.

Working a three shift rota pattern means a typical week is made up of days, lates and night shifts sometimes within the same week. Within my role as a Dispatcher I raise jobs for the field staff based predominantly on calls from customers that come in to the Contact Centre from customers advising that they are off supply or have a power related safety issue. The details then get passed to the Standby Manager for the area and the appropriate field staff are sent to investigate. After that it’s a case of updating the job as it progresses to keep customers up to date until the works are complete and the staff are ready to leave site and a report for Ofgem can be completed if required.

Its cliché to say but my colleagues and the variety in the job are what keeps me coming in every day. It’s great to sit down when it’s busy and organize the workload appropriately – it’s a challenge that changes every day.

Teamwork is a chief point within WPD, the focus on knowing your part within the WPD machine is important to working safely and efficiently. For me that’s gathering the appropriate information and relaying it to the Standby Managers and Field Staff. Customer focus is also high within the company mindscape. It’s an enjoyable workplace with an emphasis on safety first.

A willingness to take personal responsibility within your role is important, also prepared to go that extra mile to ensure your job is done to the best of your abilities and making sure to ask questions and being adaptable to change along the way.

If you’re willing to put the time and effort in then there are lots of opportunities to develop your career, for me it would be to spend more time in the field learning the practical side of the business.

Getting a job as a Dispatcher as it has allowed me to work more closely with field staff and utilise my technical qualifications.

Every time there is a large storm the working environment here becomes more intense and we all hunker down to get power restored ASAP to all customers. It can be very hectic but very rewarding when the storm fades and the incidents are being completed safely and in good time.

I would say go for it without hesitation, it’s a great company to work for and if you’re willing to put the hours in then you can progress within the company very quickly.