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Meet Michelle

Read Pauline's interview to see what she thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

I was working for Central Networks when we were bought out by WPD.

The main part of my job role is to collect and calculate costs in relation to 3rd Party cable damages, before invoicing them to the damaging party. The service that we provide enables us to have good relationships with the wider business.

Secure, well paid employment which offers plenty of benefits i.e Child care voucher schemes, good pay maternity leave. There are opportunities for development with courses offered.

Within the company I have spoken to/met a wide range of people some young, some not so. Some with a vast amount of experience and knowledge of working for the company and there are always new starters looking to start their career within WPD. This helps me as an individual develop myself not only as a person but as an employee. This all helps to provide the friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which WPD have.

If you are hardworking, committed and can persevere then you can become successful within any part of the business.

There are always courses in which you can take part i.e. understanding electricity. Also the ability to visit other offices to understand how the wider business operates adds towards my own personal development which in time can contribute to my career progression.

Is being able to work full time whilst raising a family.

I have 2 children under the age of 3 and a 13 year old; I think my biggest challenge currently is juggling home life and full time work life. This is made easier with the help of WPD and the childcare voucher schemes which they provide. Also the use of flexi time is a big help when working around a family.

Western Power offers lots of different opportunities around the business, they’re always willing to help people learn and develop within their roles. It provides a friendly atmosphere to work in, and lot’s of benefits to it’s employees as well as good rates of pay.