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Meet our Graduate Trainee, Joshua

Read Joshua's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

Their drive for excellence and the level of customer satisfaction was a main attraction. Their community involvement was also a factor as I am very interested in community building and fundraising.

Assessing applications of people wanting to connect to the Extra-High voltage (EHV) network and their impacts on the network

Assessing feasible solution to the new connections

Generically assessing the EHV network and coming up with reinforcements

Providing support to the 11kV local district team, giving high level impact on the EHV network

The help and support of the different teams working here is tremendous. Everyone is happy to show you what they do and help in any other way to make you feel a part of the company which then motivates you to do the best you can.

An open-door policy; the company’s golden rule is “If you are not sure, stop and ask for help”.

Hard work, effective communication and collaboration.

The 18-24 month development scheme is well structured, giving me an insight into all aspects of the company. It shows the bigger picture and the part each team play to achieve the bigger picture. It also gives me an opportunity to apply for any job openings in the company. The structure and tasks of the learning placements also help towards getting chartered if interested.

Getting into the graduate scheme.

My biggest challenge was getting to know the team and finding how I fit in, I overcame it by attending staff socials and activities e.g. badminton and football.

Go for it, you will never regret it!