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Meet Allun

Read Allun's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

I started as an apprentice linesman for EMEB back in 1984 and remained with company in its various guises until WPD took over in recent years.

Having been in a live line team for over 25 years we carry out live repairs, maintenance and works in order to reduce customer interruptions.

I love working outdoors and being part of a team that gets to work in some stunning remote and often challenging locations and more often than not a different location every day.


Live working requires an obviously high standard of safety and requires a team to have a good level of communication and understanding and trust of each other to perform our tasks safely.

Someone who’s willing to listen, learn and be a team player.

There are many opportunities to progress within the company, but I feel taking time to master your chosen trade first is key.

Loved the experience of working abroad in France over the Millennium restoring supplies after a huge storm devastated the network - it was a huge challenge and a great experience.


Staying fit enough to climb poles!

It’s a great industry to work in and it offers the chance of variation within trades.

It’s one of few industries that offer longevity and the potential to earn a decent living.