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Meet Stacey

Read Stacey's interview to see what she thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

Honestly, I didn’t realise how much I wanted a job with WPD until I got an interview. The career possibilities were a big draw towards the company.

A typical day involves ensuring all of our data held on the system is accurate and up to date, this can be simple address changes or processing claims. But can also be more challenging tasks relating to calculating pay and tax manually. It’s very diverse and no two days or weeks are the same.

The people, the support you receive as an employee and colleague is second to none.

The WPD culture I would describe as open, friendly and everyone looks out for each other, whether it’s a close friend or colleague or someone in another department there is always someone you can approach with questions or a friendly hello.

I think as long as you are open and honest; take responsibility for your work and actions and also work hard you will be successful in WPD. What you put in is what you get out as the saying goes.

When I first started it was a very steep learning curve, but there is support all the way through this process. Even 7 ½ years on there are still things to learn and each week brings a new set of challenges, you should never stop striving to achieve more.

It may sound silly and trivial but I have achieved a great deal of job satisfaction, I do not feel those Monday morning blues about going to work; I enjoy walking into the office each morning. We spend a large proportion of our life working so I think it is a big achievement to enjoy what I do with WPD.

My biggest challenge was a personal one, the confidence in my own ability. I have worked hard to overcome this, and I’m grateful to say I wasn’t on my own in developing this. My line manager and department manager have been a big contributing factor in helping me realise my potential and ability to succeed.

Do it, you won’t regret it. WPD paves the way for employees to succeed in their endeavors and careers and assists every step of the way.