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Meet Mark

Read Mark's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

Before joining the Company I worked in local Government. That was a job I enjoyed but it was not something I could see myself doing for the duration of my career. I was attracted to Western Power Distribution for the career potential it could offer me; a rewarding occupation with an industry-leading company and the potential to fulfil my aspirations.

My role within the Company is a dual role, as I work on behalf of the Trustees of the various pension schemes sponsored by WPD and on behalf of the Company itself. On a day-to-day, week-to-week and even month-to-month basis my work is quite structured, which is something I personally prefer. It allows me to plan my time effectively to meet various deadlines, whether that’s the day-to-day management of the pension scheme cash flows, accounting and statistical data; production of statistical, administrative, financial and budgetary reports, both internally and to the Trustees of the pension schemes; or monitoring the Trustee bank accounts and processing invoices.

Besides from the generous salary, pension package and the flexible working hours, I would say the best thing about working for the Company is the people I work with. Our individual ethos’ match that of the Company, getting it right first time, every time.

The culture within the Company is one that is positive and supportive but also a relaxed environment, whilst maintaining a business approach to work.

The ability to work as part of a team or on your own initiative and the willingness to learn and adapt are all key attributes which I think help make someone successful here.

Since joining WPD 10 years ago, I have been constantly learning and developing. Having joined as a Payroll Administrator with no previous payroll experience, my learning started on the first day and hasn’t really stopped since. However, I have been fully supported in my learning, whether that involved attending external training courses, receiving internal training or being mentored by a senior member of staff, the Company has always ensured that I have had the right training to succeed in my role.

It’s hard to single out one achievement but, if I had to pick one, it would be the promotion to my current role of Pensions Accounts Administrator.

I would say that the biggest challenge to date is when we acquired Central Networks, with the Company more than doubling in size. From my perspective, this led to an increased workload meaning I had to effectively managing my time and not being afraid of utilizing the help of colleagues when needed. I had to adapt the new data that came with the Central Networks take-over and integrate this within the WPD framework.

If you are dedicated, hard-working and you want to work for a Company that recognizes these attributes and rewards its members of staff, then apply. Don’t let lack of experience hold you back, as the Company will ensure you have all the tools you need to thrive in the job.