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Meet Pollyanna

Read Pollyanna's interview to see what she thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

I’ve always enjoyed working in technical environments. My dad ran a small engineering firm, and I was around engineering from an early age. I love science and technology and I wanted a role that I could sink my teeth into and unlock my potential in a technical industry. I tend to get bored fairly easily, so this role was attractive, as no two days or projects are ever the same.

I deal with a great variety of enquiries from customers, and work on projects from new connections to assessing low carbon technology installations. I will design and quote projects, and visit customers on site to carry out surveys and help them with their queries.

My team really makes the day worthwhile. The work can be challenging but we support each other and can always sit down and look at a problem if it’s particularly difficult, to find a solution. A perk of working for WPD is that the company offers its staff an assistance programme, which you can contact if you are experiencing problems with stress, financial difficulties, legal issues, or medical problems, as well as a back care programme.

Working in WPD can be challenging. It is very busy and fast paced, with some tough problems to overcome at times, but very satisfying when you overcome these. There is a huge focus on customer satisfaction, and we prioritise our customers above all else – only coming second to safety.

Hard work and integrity.

WPD provides training to enable its staff to become experts in their field, with their own Training Schools.

Completing a 2-year Design programme which enabled me to have a great understanding of the Standard Techniques that we work to, in order to produce an accurate quote.

You’ll always find a solution to a problem. If you can stay calm under pressure, and keep the customer informed to ensure they’re satisfied at the end of their project, and enjoy a fast-paced and challenging work environment, then you’ll enjoy working for WPD.