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Meet Mark

Read Mark's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

Having worked in the electricity industry for the past 30 years, I was employed by Eon when WPD took over. Although my son is now a trainee Engineer and my daughter a trainee planner working for WPD, so I couldn’t give it a better endorsement for a lifelong career.

At the moment I am delivering a new 11kv switch board and new 66 KV to 11kv transformer at Upton Warren. This is being changed due to a fire which burnt the 11kv switch gear and destroyed the transformer. On top of this work I am currently carrying out 132kv tower outages to paint our ageing towers.

Being part of a great team, helping others achieve their goals and seeing a project/job through to its end.

The culture has a strong emphasis on policies and procedures.

Having drive, passion and working hard, along with taking any training provided.

There are always courses available for every level of job and the teaching is outstanding. On job training is given allowing you to develop into the desired role with lots of jobs available to apply for. On the job training is also an important way to teach upcoming engineers, from experienced staff.

Delivering a Major wind farm project in mid Wales, having to change 4x 66kv to 11kv transformers, 1x 11kv switchboard with a brand new substation delivering 33MW of generation.

I don’t have just one challenge they are an everyday occurrence, talking it through with work colleagues lets you achieve the end goal. It’s all about team work.

The training is outstanding with many opportunities for progression.