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Meet Richard

Read Richard's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

For the last four years I have applied for Western Power Distribution, as I knew this was the company I wanted to work for and to achieve a career with. My best friend also works for Western Power for the past 12 years, so every time we meet up he would tell me how much he enjoyed his work and I have been able to see him progress through the company. Western Power Distribution is not a just a job, its career.

As an Apprentice, I spend a lot of time with different Network fitting teams. Each day at the moment I am learning something new. We install, maintain and repair substations from 11kV to LV. This can be from installing a whole new substation to maintaining a circuit breaker. I also spend time at the office as through my apprenticeship I am required to write a daily diary. I also go on courses to help me progress my knowledge and skills.

The best thing about working here is the variation of jobs we do. No two days are the same. We cover a large area so we are always working at different locations. Having worked for the Company for just a year, I have learnt so much already. My colleagues are always there to help me with my progression.

There are two key cultures, Safety and Customer. Because our work is working with electricity, safety is key. From day one we are taught that our safety and other’s safety is very important. Customers are also the other key, we have targets and responsibilities to keep the power on in all weather conditions and at any time.

Stay motivated in all conditions 

Ability to work in a team 

Treat others like how you would like to be treated 

Good listener 

Good role model 

Help others 

“First time, every time.”

I have completed my Level 2 City & Guilds which was required for my apprenticeship and now been have given the chance to complete the Level 3 which is not actually required for the apprenticeship scheme but allows me an opportunity to push myself.

My first accomplishment of successfully getting my job role in Western Power after several attempts of getting to the interview stage and being unsuccessful. I was always nervous in an interview scenario. Also, all my exams I have passed in the last year and the knowledge I have learnt.

Being 29 years old, I was nervous at the start thinking that everyone else on the apprenticeship scheme will be all teenagers. But after meeting the team, I wasn’t the youngest or the oldest.

Go for it! If you love the outdoors, love working with others and love a challenge then go for it. It is not just a job, it’s a career!