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Meet Mike

Read Mike's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

I worked for SSE south of the country and was informed by a colleague I knew from the Army Reserves who worked for Western Power that they were looking for Technicians on the underground network in Telford. I’d heard good things about the company from another colleague who had started work at the Worcester depot and thought the interview would be good practice not really expecting to get the job.

I am Technician Grade 5 for the Telford Underground managed unit. My work is mostly on the underground network although I do complete projects on the overhead network from time to time.


The people and the team approach to the work. The work is very varied and no job is the same, there is always a new challenge whether that be faults or planned work.



The culture is very much customer driven with all members of the team trying to improve the service we give safely and efficiently.

Hard work, a willingness to accept new challenges and a team player.

This really is up to the individual as there are many and varied opportunities within the company it really is a case of which way you would like to go.

I have a number as it is an ongoing process. I was proud to get the job as a Technician, then working through the various level of authorisation and completing some of the more complex jobs I get from time to time.

Completing an LV upgrade in Much Wenlock which involved digging through the town centre, transferring all the customers on to the new LV mains over a 3 month period. The works took three months but the planning started six months before that and I worked very closely with the planner and the local authorities. It was very satisfying when it was completed on time and to budget, that is not to say we didn’t have challenges on the way, but the plan itself was sound and we worked through the problems as they arose.

Apply, it is a great career and for the right type of person it is the best job out there.