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Meet Rianna

Read Rianna's interview to see what she thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

I knew people who worked here and to me it seemed like somewhere you could have a career for life and where you could progress.

At the beginning, your role is to observe and learn, but as the scheme goes along you are putting what you’ve learned into action. You’ll plan jobs and see them through, liaise with customers. You are required to go to university on block release so some weeks will be filled with revision and assignments.

For me the best thing is the relationships I’ve formed with my colleagues. There’s a lot to learn and they will help you along the way.

I’d describe the culture as helpful. There is always someone more than willing to help you, whether that is when you’re out on site or in the office. I think this is because most of us had to start in a similar position.

Self-management, putting in the time and effort. Also, a willingness to learn.

The progression on the scheme is one of the main incentives. Each stage sees you gaining more responsibility and gaining a lot of technical knowledge. With each stage you get a pay rise so that’s also a nice thing to look forward to.

Getting the job still is a great achievement to me. But throughout the scheme, every few months I realise how much more I know now than when I started. So the constant learning is a big achievement in itself.

It’s a challenging scheme; you’re not always going to understand everything straight away. My biggest challenge was not being embarrassed to say when I needed help. The important thing is that you stop and ask for help, ask people to explain things even if it’s more than once.

Do it, come prepared to put in hard work but know that you’ll gain a lot from it.